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Cost of Surgical Procedures performed by Dr. Souvik Adhikari

***[A] Procedures performed on an outpatient basis: No hospital admission required.

The package cost is outlined below, this includes the cost of surgery only including OT charges, cost of consumables and surgical team fees. Cost of medicines after surgery and other requirements are not included here.

ProcedurePackage Cost in a Nursing Home (Rs)Package Cost in a Hospital (Rs)Price in US $
Gynecomastia surgery under Local Anasthesia (LA)2500028000 450
Chest liposuction (add with the above)50006000100
Penis Lengthening Surgery under LA2500030000500
Penis Girth Increase Surgery by fat2500028000450
Penis Girth Increase Surgery by dermofat graft2700030000500
Hymenoplasty (revirginity) surgery2200027000450
Excision of axillary breast1200015000250
Upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)2000025000450
Lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)2000025000450
Asian eyelid surgery (lid fold creation)2200027000450
Nasal implant insertion under LA1500020000380
Mole removal50007000120
Lip reduction surgery (1)800010000160
Lip augmentation surgery by fat1000015000250
Lip augmentation surgery by dermofat graft1500020000320
Split ear lobule (1)50007000120
Nipple/Areola reduction800010000160
Fat transfer1000012000200
Vaginoplasty (Vaginal tightening)2500028000450
Skin scar revision1000012000200
Miscellaneous skin lesion excisions800010000160
Testicular implant insertion1200015000250
Inverted nipple surgery2000025000400
Foreskin reconstruction(staged)20000 + 1500025000 + 20000400 + 320

***[B] Procedures in which hospital admission is required: calculations made for 1 day stay.


The package cost is highlighted here; the cost might go up depending on the choice of hospital bed. Surgical team charges, anesthetist charges and OT charges with cost of consumables are included. Cost of medicines after surgery and other requirements are not included here.

ProcedurePackage Cost in a Nursing Home (Rs)Package cost in a Hospital (Rs) Price in US $
Forehead lift2500028000 450
Rhinoplasty with costal cartilage grafts3800045000720
Component nose surgeries2000025000400
Cheek augmentation by implants2500028000450
Bat ear correction(otoplasty)2800032000520
Chin reduction3000035000550
Chin augmentation3000035000550
Breast Augmentation3500045000720
Breast reduction3600050000800
Breastlift (Mastopexy)3600050000800
Breastlift + Augmentation4000055000870
Microskin grafting for vitiligo2500035000550
Liposuction20000 – 3500025000 – 40000400 – 680
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)3600055000870
Brachiaplasty (arm lift)3200040000680
Thigh lift3200040000680
Transgender surgery (male to female)1700002000003000
Transgender surgery (female to male)1500001800002700
Huge gynecomastia36000 50000800

***[C] [email protected]% would be added to the final bill.

***[D] If any procedures are not listed above kindly call to know the price of the same. Cost of implants is separate.