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Rhinoplasty commonly known as cosmetic nose surgery or nose reshaping or nose job is a section of cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures that deal with nose restructuring or reshaping. This aesthetic surgical procedure recreate destroyed nose due to accidents, improves the proportion of nose and enhances better facial geometrical proportion (yes, modern science says more the shape of face geometry reaches perfection better the appearance is) and self esteem. Rhinoplasty in Kolkata can be carried out in several clinics among these “Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata” is one of the excellent clinic to avail of, here this surgery is done by highly skilled and experience consultant cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Souvik Adhikari.


Who Can Undergo Rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery/Nose job)?

1. People having deformed nose due to accident or birth defect.

2. Disproportionate nose that make apparent an ugly  appearance.

3. Breathing problems due to deformities.


What Can Be done By Rhinoplasty?

  1. Nose size correction, relative to other facial structures, and making more appealing look since the nose occupies the central part of the face.
  2. Nasal tip reduction or enlargement. Rectifies bulbous, dropping and over upward turned nose.
  3. Nostril reshaping – corrects wider spread, large and upturned nostrils.
  4. Person having asymmetrical nose or nose deviation, specially deviated nasal septum.
  5.  Elevation or depression of nose by grafting self bone or cartilage or   by artificial implants like silicone.


Best subjects for cosmetic nose surgery

●    Age is over 16 years or facial growth is completed.

●     Physically healthy.

●     Better to be a non-smoker.

Cosmetic Nose surgery Procedures

Cosmetic nose surgery is done either by “open” or “close” method.

“Open” method – By this technique nasal bone is accessed by incisions inside the nostrils and columella. Columella is the structure that separates the nostril in two parts.

“Close” method – nasal bone is accessed by incisions inside the nostril and thereafter, skin is lifted away from the underlying bones and cartilages.

Nose augmentation requires something to be put inside the nose and this can be cartilage, bone or artificial material like silicone. Dr. Adhikari usually uses costal cartilage taken via a small incision made in your chest and bone obtained from multiple sites. He is not in favor of using silicone because of the long term complications associated with it.

Stitches – Incisions are closed with dissolving stitches.


Anesthesia And After Surgery care

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia which means that you would be put to sleep during the procedure. Depending on your recovery, you have to stay for a few days in the hospital as postoperative molding takes place. Nasal swelling is imperative and the final results can be judged only after the swelling goes away which is usually a few months’ time.


 After Surgery Complication

Complications include bleeding, infection, deformities and those related to harvesting of cartilage and bone.

Risk of Rhinoplasty

  It is imperative to have temporary swelling and bruising around  the eyes and nose.

●     Injury on the nasal septum

●     Infection.

●    Severe nasal blockage due to over swelling or inflammation inside the nose.

●      Outcome of surgery may not be as per subject’s expectation.

Therefore, it is also imperative to have a thorough discussion with an experienced surgeon and always undergo surgery under guidance of  super specialist, highly qualified and skilled plastic surgeon.


Nose Surgery Cost in Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata

It completely depends on the purpose of the surgery and varies on requirements. Only after thorough consultation and examination of the condition total cost of the package can be determined and that is solely dependent on the surgeon. However, it is guaranteed that the total cost is quite competitive and cheaper than other rhinoplasty clinics in Kolkata. For a rough estimate you may have a free discussion with Dr.Adhikari of Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata.