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Reconstructive Surgery

Dr.Adhikari also performs a wide range of plastic and complex reconstructive surgical procedures some of which require a great deal of innovation on part of the surgeon. This encompasses congenital anomalies like primary and secondary cleft lip and palatal deformities, congenital hand anomalies along with secondary deformities, generalized deformities arising from traumatic and neoplastic conditions amongst others. He has a keen interest in maxillofacial and facial plastic surgery and has been specially trained in handling fractures of the craniofacial skeleton as a result of his fellowship experience. He is also involved in managing defects arising from the extirpation of skin cancers and oral cancers and performs complex reconstructive procedures from head to toe which includes microvascular surgeries in many instances.

Some of the conditions treated by him and surgeries performed by him include:

  • Cleft lip and palate, Tessier clefts.
  • Craniosynostosis and skull deformities.
  • Fractures of the craniofacial skeleton.
  • Oral cancer surgery with reconstruction.
  • Skin cancer surgery with reconstruction.
  • Brachial plexus injuries- all forms with nerve transfers, free muscle transfers.
  • Generalized reconstruction from head to toe.
  • Hand surgery including congenital hand anomalies.
  • A variety of free flap surgeries.
  • Post burn contractures.
  • Diabetic foot.
  • Scar revision.
  • Vitiligo surgery.
  • Ear reconstruction in microtia.
  • Nasal reconstruction.
  • Tendon transfers.
  • Nerve palsies.
  • Facial nerve palsy.

AND  the list goes on……………………………………………



Dr. Adhikari has had training in all forms of breast reconstruction using implants and muscles as well as microvascular surgery. A lot of clamor has been raised regarding the performance of prophylactic mastectomy in BRCA-1 positive individuals in recent days as has been exemplified by Angelina Jolie.

Dr. Adhikari believes that the decision to go in for prophylactic mastectomy should rest with the patient herself and her family and he offers prophylactic mastectomy in women who would like to get their breasts removed to decrease the chances of developing breast cancer followed by reconstruction by a variety of techniques so that the patient would not feel that her breasts have been lost. For more information, please talk to Dr. Adhikari regarding this issue.

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