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Q: What is Otoplasty?

A: Otoplasty is plastic surgery of the external ear usually done to correct deformities of the external ear and abnormalities of projection of the ear (bat ear correction). Full scale ear reconstruction can be done when the ear is congenitally deformed or affected by burns.

Q: Are there any risks involved with Otoplasty surgery?

A: Generally it is a safe procedure although risks in general like bleeding, infection, skin loss, reoperation can apply to all patients. However, despite these risks, the long term outlook is usually excellent.

Q: How to fix my ears that stick out?

A: This particular condition is known as a Bat Ear deformity and can be successfully corrected with Otoplasty surgery which is done usually under general anesthesia.

Q: Can ear asymmetry be corrected?

A: Yes, with Otoplasty surgery.

Q: Can partial loss in the ear be corrected?

A: Yes, but this procedure might require cartilage to be harvested and implanted in the lost portion.

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