Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata

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  Dr. Souvik Adhikari

      MBBS, MS, MCh 
  Consultant Aesthetic,    Plastic & Reconstructive  Surgeon

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                  Male Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has traditionally been meant for women, however, cosmetic surgery for males is becoming increasingly popular and India is no exception as males become more and more conscious. Aesthetic surgery in males instills a degree of self-confidence in those who desperately seek it.

Male cosmetic surgery as practiced in our clinic encompasses a wide range of procedures including the following:

*Rhinoplasty or recontouring of the nose.

*Reduction of breasts in male gynecomastia and improvement of chest contour.

*Liposuction or removal of fat from various body areas especially the abdomen.

*Otoplasty or reshaping of ears especially for projecting or bat ears.

*Penile enlargement and reshaping of scrotum in patients desirous of it.

*Facelift and other anti-aging surgeries like botox, browlift.