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Male Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Male cosmetic genital surgery primarily comprises of penile lengthening or penis enlargement in patients who feel they have a smaller penis as well as an increase in girth of the penis apart from addressing other deformities of the penis. Please note that you would be subjected to a complete physical and psychological evaluation prior to surgery which is imperative in getting the best results. A couple of measurements of your penis would be taken to have an idea about the deviation from normal along with a set of preoperative photographs both in flaccid and erect state. You must give an undertaking in writing that you would be using a penile stretcher in the postoperative period for a couple of weeks because that is imperative for getting best results. If you exclude the penile stretching then you would get no visible effects from the surgery.


  Penis surgery procedures


The surgery is generally performed under general or regional anesthesia and the duration would vary depending on the procedures performed. You might need to have drains in places for a few days following the procedure. The recovery period is usually short and you would then need to follow the postoperative instructions regarding the use of a penile stretcher strictly.

Depending on your requirements, you might require a release of the ligaments supporting your penis so as to release more of the penis while at the same time not hampering its stability, fat injections or insertions of portions of your skin taken from other areas inside the penis (dermo-fat grafts) or associated liposuction of your pubic and lower abdominal area. You might also require a reconstruction of your scrotum (scrotoplasty) in addition if you feel it is too lengthy and unsightly and the testes are pendulous. Again, surgery is individualized for a patient and no standard set can be followed in all patients which you need to understand beforehand.


  Penis enlargement cost in Kolkata


It is not possibe to give an estimate of penile enlargement/lengthning expense before having an thorough examination.Cost depends on the condition of the patient and the prosthesis being used. But we assure that our cost is most reasonable, most likely, cheapest in Kolkata. To get more detail about cost kindly Contact Dr. Souvik Adhikari.


Q: Do penis enlargement exercises work?
A: There is actually no evidence that penis enlargement exercises in any form are effective in increasing the length of the penis.
Q: Do pills or creams work in increasing penis length?
A: No.
Q: Is penis enlargement surgery safe?
A: Just like any other surgery penis enlargement surgery has the possibility of complications the most dreaded one being loss of erection. However, fortunately, this is extremely rare. Pain, bleeding and wound healing problems can occur. Most patients however heal without any complications.
Q: Can the penis length be permanently increased?
A: Yes! The suspensory ligament surgery helps in releasing more of the penis but this length gain is not too much. Postoperative use of penis stretcher is important to increase penis length after surgery as the mechanism involved is tissue expansion. Therefore, patients who are willing to use a penis stretcher for a prolonged period of time are only candidates for a penis lengthening surgery.
Q: What are the options for penis girth increase?
A: Penis girth increase can be performed using fat or dermofat graft. Fat grafting can be achieved using liposuction but dermofat graft needs incision to take out the same which is closed using sutures.
Q: Is it really possible to increase penis size and girth naturally?
A: No.
Q: At what age can I have a penis enlargement surgery?
A: Although there is no fixed age, it is preferable that you wait at least till you are 20 to ensure that the natural penile growth is complete.

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