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  Dr. Souvik Adhikari

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  Consultant Aesthetic,    Plastic & Reconstructive  Surgeon

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As people earn more, they have lesser tendency to do exercise which results in excess fat accumulation over the body. This is characteristic of the present population with Kolkata being no exception. Therefore, liposuction in Kolkata is assuming more importance as people desire removal of that excess fat from certain regions of their body which make their shape look unattractive.


  What Is Liposuction 

Liposuction is a process of suctioning out excess fat from certain body areas so as to enhance body contour and proportions and thereby to improve the self-image of a person. Resistant fat not amenable to exercise or diet can also be addressed by liposuction surgery. These areas of resistant fat are mostly due to familial traits and respond miraculously with liposuction. Both males and females are candidates for liposuction and there is no age bar in having liposuction.


  Liposuction Process

 Liposuction is a safe procedure if done by a well-trained surgeon. It can be done under general or local anesthesia which means that the patient might or might not be put to sleep during the procedure. The amount of fat that is to be taken out would be informed by your surgeon prior to the surgery but it is prudent not to take out too much in one session as complications might arise with removing too much fat. One can always repeat the procedure in a few weeks’ time to address other areas. A full body liposuction or liposuction addressing specific parts of the body can be done. The recovery time is quite short and involves only a few days with aspiration of moderate amounts of fat although some degree of swelling would persist for a couple of weeks.


  Preparation For Liposuction

 It is important that you stop smoking for a couple of weeks before the procedure as it decreases the complication rate following surgery. When you come for the consultation, I tend to point out the areas that need to be treated. These target areas would be marked prior to the surgery so that an estimate is made of how much fat is to be removed.


  Surgical Procedure

 The patient is typically admitted for the procedure and the markings done. Then follows the tumescent technique of liposuction whereby the target areas are infiltrated with a mixture of normal saline and local anesthetic and adrenaline so that the areas become numb and the blood vessels go into spasm thereby decreasing blood loss during the procedure. Then the procedure is carried out in a sequential fashion. Depending on the degree of excess fat in your body, you might need several procedures addressed at intervals so as to achieve an optimal body contour. Lipo surgeries can be done as suction-assisted, power-assisted and ultrasound assisted. In my patients I prefer doing a suction-assisted lipectomy (SAL).


  Who Are The Best Candidates For Liposuction

 Ideal patients of liposuction are those who are on a good dietary advice and are exercising regularly and are within 30% of their ideal body weight. It is to be noted that this surgery is NOT a treatment for obesity although liposuction and body contouring procedures are commonly done in obese patients after bariatric or weight loss surgery. Therefore, if you are considering weight reduction in Kolkata please talk to your surgeon first of all to find out which surgical procedure is best suited for you.


Other procedures


Liposculpture is another form of treatment which primarily involves liposuction but is designed for specific areas of fat excess. It removes typically less fat than in liposuction as its primary aim is making muscles more defined which is imperative in body contouring. Additionally, it can involve injection of aspirated fat to fat-deficient areas like face and buttocks so as to make the appearance much more attractive.


Liposuction differs from tummy tuck which is done to address the skin excess over the tummy. Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck is designed for those in whom simple liposuction would result in skin excess that would not get back to its original form. It also addresses stretch marks to a large extent.



 This surgery can have many complications including contour abnormalities which are the most common as also infection, serious bleeding, electrolyte abnormalities, and damage to deeper structures, deep vein thrombosis and death amongst others. The death rates following liposuction have come down drastically after the realization that taking out too much fat in one instance may predispose patients to this complication. Therefore, it is better to remain conservative while doing liposuction.


   Cost of Liposuction in Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata

 At Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata, your needs would be addressed personally by Dr. Adhikari and target volumes set after proper discussion with you regarding your needs. He performs liposuction in Kolkata in a couple of cosmetic surgery centers. It is not too expensive a procedure and help regarding financing your surgery would also be provided to you if needed. The cost varies with the amount of fat aspirated and the place where you would get the liposuction done and can range upwards from Rs. 20000 with a lower price for lesser quantity of fat aspirated. Overall, you can be assured that you would leave with an optimal body contour following liposuction in our hands! Liposuction in Kolkata is done at a very reasonable rate by Dr. Adhikari because he feels that everyone should have access to cosmetic surgery. Therefore, you can book an appointment with him to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this surgical procedure. Liposuction in Kolkata is much cheaper than in other metro cities in India which can be ascertained when one compares the price tag associated with it.