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Lip Reduction Surgery

Q: Can lip size be reduced without surgery?

A: No, it is possible only with surgery.

Q: How is a lip reduction done?

A: The entire surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Portions of your lips are taken out and stitched back.

Q: Will I have scars after a lip reduction surgery?

A: Any surgical process produces scars but in the lips these are not usually visible.

Q: What are the advantages of lip reduction?

A: Thinner lips, thinning of unsightly lips, correction of lip drooping.

Q: What can I expect after a lip reduction?

A: You will have quite a bit of swelling after the procedure. The stitches will fall off after a few days and the final result would be assessed around 6 months after surgery. Initially the lip would appear firm and lack sensation but these would improve over time.