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Lip Augmentation Surgery

Q: What is lip augmentation?

A: Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure advocated for increasing the size of the lips especially the upper lip. This can be done using injections or surgically. This procedure gives you fuller lips which are more attractive.

Q: Can one get lip augmentation without looking done?

A: Yes. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can augment the lips so that they appear naturally beautiful and not artificial.

Q: Is a lip augmentation permanent?

A: It depends on the exact procedure you are having to augment your lips. Filler and fat injections would need to be repeated as fillers have a limited life span and fat can get absorbed. However, after a few fat injections the size achieved can be permanent. Surgical processes on the other hand can give permanent results.

Q: What are the permanent surgical procedures for lip augmentation?

A: Permanent increase in the size of the lips can be achieved with the use of dermofat graft or a lip implant.

Q: Will it hurt during a lip augmentation procedure?

A: The entire surgery is done under local anesthesia so it will hurt only during injections.

Q: What are the advantages of lip augmentation?

A: You will get fuller and thicker lips which are more attractive, there is minimal bruising and the downtime is very less. The results are very natural and permanent.


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