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Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

Male Breast’ or Gynecomastia appears, mostly, in boys at the age of puberty or adolescence and continues to persist. The main reason for this appearance is due to enlargement of mammary gland in males. Deposition of some resistant fat over the chest also produces a breast like appearance in males. Underlying reason for this cause is the imbalance of sex hormones or increased sensitivity of the breast tissue to the hormonal change occurring during puberty. It is very common to find an enlargement of the gland at the time of puberty due to change of hormonal balance but later it is corrected in most cases by the biological process. When this does not take place the outcome is called the male breast enlargement, clinically defined as gynecomastia. It is to be remembered that gynecomastia is not restricted to the boys at the age of puberty but can also be observed, though rarely, in elderly too. This is also due to hormonal imbalance that takes place due to several reasons.

This point should be emphasized that the cause of male breast formation is not only due to fat deposition but also to enlargement of the mammary gland. So neither diet control nor exercise can alleviate the problem. Sometimes, people with obstinate fat over the breast area also look like suffering from Gynecomastia. As male breast formation is not a disease but a physical abnormality due to hormonal imbalance, there is no medicine to treat the condition, gynecomastia correction surgery (male breast reduction surgery) is the only available procedure to get rid of this abnormality.

It is important to note that gynecomastia or man boobs is an extremely common condition globally India being no exception with 6-7 out of 10 males harbouring this condition. In India more than 1 million cases per year are detected, so frequent is the condition!


Classification of Gynecomastia

Webster classified gynecomastia into 3 types: glandular, fatty glandular and simple fatty.

Simon classified gynecomastia into the following groups:

I: minor but visible breast enlargement without skin redundancy;

IIa-moderate breast enlargement without skin redundancy;

IIb-moderate breast enlargement with minor skin redundancy;

III-gross breast enlargement with skin redundancy so as to simulate a pendulous female breast.

Groups I and IIa can be dealt with simple excision but the latter 2 groups require skin resection in addition to removal of the male breast tissue. Sometimes, however, skin resection can be avoided if the elasticity of the skin is appropriate.


Gynecomastia correction surgery

Clinically the surgical procedure to get rid of gynecomastia is called reduction mammaplasty, what reduces, in female, the size and shape of the breast and in male it flattens the breast like appearance and gives a proper chest contour. In severe cases, excess fat, glandular tissue and skin need to be removed just like female breast reduction surgery. The combined process of removal of fat and breast tissue is known as liposuction followed by subcutaneous mastectomy which provides a very aesthetically pleasing look. In many cases, where the tissue is predominantly glandular, only subcutaneous mastectomy is sufficient to correct the condition.


Requirement of Anesthesia for Male Breast reduction Surgery

Depending on the severity, local or general anesthesia (preferred) is required and the option depends on the discretion of the concerned surgeon.

Dr. Adhikari prefers performing the procedure as an outpatient one; therefore there is no need to be admitted for surgery! You come to the hospital, get operated and can leave immediately following the surgical procedure. Drains would be left in place and they would be removed after 2-3 days. A compression garment is usually advised after surgery which needs to be continued for a few weeks to ensure rapid resolution of swelling and achievement of a good chest contour. This method of performing the surgery under local anesthesia ensures prompt patient recovery and patients can get back to work the next day!!


 Application of Liposuction for Gynecomastia Correction

In cases when gynecomastia or male breast development is due to deposition of excess fat, liposuction method alone can be applied to get rid of the problem, however, a subcutaneous mastectomy is nearly always indicated to prevent recurrence in later years. There are various liposuction processes; the surgeon is the only person who will select the proper one to be applied.


 Who are the Perfect candidates for Male breast Surgery?

  1. Person in good physical condition with normal body mass index.
  2. Physical appearance really assaulting on your self-esteem.
  3. Breast development has been stopped.
  4. Whose condition can’t be rectified by any alternative method or treatment.
  5. Male having no underlying disease that could have confliction with surgery and postoperative medication.
  6. Non-smokers.


Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata

Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata provides you with the best rates for gynecomastia surgery, please fix an appointment with Dr. Adhikari to know about the cost and other details of male breast or gynecomastia surgery.


Side Effects of Gynecomastia Surgery

Side effects of this surgery are quite rare but still may be encountered therefore the patient should have an understanding of the same. The most common side effect would be bleeding which is usually self-limiting. However, if there is an increased collection of blood then it might need drainage.

Healing may be delayed in some cases and areas of skin might be lost so also the nipple areolar complex. Fortunately, these are extremely rare conditions. Nipple sensitivity might be altered after surgery but usually recover within a few months except in large resections. Some amount of swelling is always there after surgery which resolves gradually with time. Scarring can occur in predisposed individuals. Skin excess might remain in a few cases requiring correction later on so also asymmetry. However, all of these are quite rare as mentioned.



Q. How much does gynecomastia surgery cost?

A: The cost of gynecomastia surgery varies widely in the country. However, under our care, most of the cases are accomplished within Rs. 28000 inclusive of everything. Cost might increase in patients with very advanced lesions.

Q. What is the treatment of gynecomastia including alternative treatments?

A: The treatment of gynecomastia is surgery only. Glandular tissue cannot be managed in any other way! There are lots of alternative treatments advertised in the internet but be assured that these would be a waste of money and will not work.

Q. Will anyone feel satisfied after gynecomastia surgery?

A: Most of the patients if not all are extremely satisfied with the surgery. The surgery boosts their self-confidence and gives them a new life. Minor glitches like a bit of asymmetry or scars usually do not pose much problems.

Q. How do I know if I have gynecomastia?

A: The best thing is to get yourself checked by a plastic surgeon. The diagnosis is straightforward clinically and usually no other tests are required for confirmation of the same. Therefore, if you look at yourself in the mirror and feel that you have male boobs, call a surgeon.

Q. How much is the recovery time after gynecomastia surgery?

A: You can start work from the next day itself! Light jogging can be initiated 2 weeks after surgery while weight training and heavy chest exercises can be started 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Q. I’m 15 and have gynecomastia. Should I have surgery?

A: Ideally no unless the condition is extremely severe and is causing a serious social embarrassment. Minor lesions can automatically recede at this age so it is better to wait till you reach adulthood.

Q. Can creatine supplement intake cause gynecomastia?

A: No, only steroids have the propensity of causing gynecomastia. Creatine is not a steroid therefore it is safe to take without any worries.

Q. Do you need any type of hormone therapy if you have gynecomastia?

A: No, surgery is curative.

Q. What is the percentage of gynecomastia in males?

A: The incidence of gynecomastia can be pretty high with as many as 3-7 boys out of 10 in the pubertal age having this problem! Although some recede with time, most of these patients go on to have some degree of male boobs in their adulthood.

Q. Will there be scars after gynecomastia surgery?

A: Yes, but these are mostly minor. Scars can be large when the lesions are advanced. Darker coloured individuals may have a greater degree of scarring.

Q. Can I exercise after gynecomastia surgery?

A: Yes, 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Q. Do I need hormonal studies if I have gynecomastia?

A: Usually these are not required as most of the patients have normal hormonal levels. They may be indicated in special circumstances when your doctor finds other abnormal things when doing the clinical examination.

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