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Double Chin Deformity

Q: What are the options for correcting double chin?

A: A large amount of information regarding the use of exercises for correction of the double chin deformity exists in the internet, however, these exercises have only minimal effect in correction of the same. The only options for correction of this deformity are liposuction, laser skin tightening, removal of excess skin in the area and recently, deoxycholic acid injections.

Q: Does chewing gum help in reducing double chin?

A: No, it has minimal effects.

Q: Can a double chin be avoided?

A: In many cases of double chin, genetics is important. However, if you are not predisposed to a double chin from a genetic standpoint then adequate control of your body weight and regular exercises can help in preventing excess deposits of fat in the chin area.

Q: If I lose weight will I lose my double chin?

A: This is unpredictable as the submental fat may be resistant to weight loss and might persist even in the longer term.

Q: Why do this people have double chins?

A: This is because of the influence of genetics which leads to a deposit of submental fat passed along generations. Along with this, the platysma muscle may be weak leading to a sagging skin with the resultant formation of a double chin.



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