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  Dr. Souvik Adhikari

      MBBS, MS, MCh 
  Consultant Aesthetic,    Plastic & Reconstructive  Surgeon

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                                   Cosmetic Surgery In Kolkata

Cosmetic surgery in Kolkata, India, has taken a new dimension and worldwide reputation by the hand of a group of upcoming cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Adhikari. Depending on patient needs, Dr. Adhikari performs a wide range of cosmetic (aesthetic) procedures right from head to toe in his cosmetic and plastic surgical facility in Kolkata. It is your perception of your own body image that can decide which aesthetic procedure is most suited to your needs or whether multiple procedures might be needed either in a single or multiple sittings. Please discuss this in detail during consultation with your cosmetic surgeon who also might come up with further suggestions. This must be the first step before opting for any cosmetic surgery in Kolkata.

Depending on the procedure you are subjected to, you might have to go through a local, regional or general anesthetic process. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow certain directions before the procedure as advised by the cosmetic surgeon and the anesthetist. Smokers should stop smoking a couple of weeks before any sort of minor or major cosmetic - plastic surgery to avoid complications and get the best results. Inform your surgeon regarding any medications that you might be taking on a regular basis because some of these might pose hazards during anesthesia and surgery and therefore need to be stopped before the surgical procedure.

Many of these cosmetic surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient or day care basis so that you do not need to stay in the hospital following surgery. In most cases, however, a hospital stay for 1 day is mandated for observation purpose and to allow recovery from the effects of the anesthetic. Recovery period is usually short following these operations although pain might persist for which you would be prescribed with analgesics. However, depending on the surgery, you might have drains in place which would need to be removed within a few days after surgery again on an outpatient basis. You would however, need to be in the hospital for a couple of days in major cosmetic, plastic surgical endeavors especially reconstructive surgeries, however, your surgeon would try his level best to see that you are discharged at the earliest possible date. Some procedures can be covered by your insurance company while others are not, please talk to your surgeon and your insurance provider regarding this. If you wish to get insurance coverage for cosmetic surgery in Kolkata you should contact your insurance provider beforehand.

Preoperative and postoperative photographs are extremely important in documenting the results of surgery so you would be subjected to photography once you commit yourself to surgery and these photographs might be published for the advancement of medical education although your identity would never be revealed in any way.

Today, leading cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata Dr. Souvik Adhikari can assure you that patients who opt for cosmetic surgery in Kolkata will get the international standard infrastructure, trained staff and quality assurance for all sorts of cosmetic surgeries. Moreover, it is quite an advantage that cosmetic surgery in Kolkata so far offers the best rate which is pretty much affordable to people from all walks of society.

Here, some cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures commonly performed by Dr. Adhikari are highlighted below.

1. Liposuction

2. Hair Transplantation

3. Breast Augmentation

4. Breast Reduction

5. Breastlift

6. Male Breast Reduction

7. Facelift.

8. Rhinoplasty

9. Male Cosmetic Surgery

10. Abdominoplsty

11. Female genital Surgery

12. Male Genital Surgery

13. Reconstructive Surgeries