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Breast lift Surgery/ Mastopexy/Breast Tightening Surgery

Breast lift surgery, clinically called mastopexy, is the surgical procedure which can restore the shape and firmness of the breasts. It can correct the position of the breasts on the chest without any significant change in size. Most suitable candidates have sagging and unshaped breast. In short, this procedure reduces and/or rearranges breast tissue and redefines its projections. It gives the breasts more attractiveness.


   Benefits of Breast Lift

Women who have sagging breasts due to any cause are candidates for breast reduction/mastopexy in which the breasts, along with the nipple-areola complex are lifted up to provide a more youthful appearance and better definition of cleavage. Depending on the volume of the breasts in the preoperative period, patients might be in need of an implant along with mastopexy (augmentation with mastopexy) if they have empty breasts (commonly seen in aging) for best results and this should be discussed with your surgeon. A variety of incisions and techniques are employed for mastopexy with resultant scar generation and you are advised to discuss this with your surgeon regarding the technique that might be best applicable to your case.


   Surgical Procedure

A variety of techniques are used for breast reduction surgery and the best method might be arrived at by consultation with your surgeon. This operation is carried out under general anesthesia which means that you would be put to sleep during the procedure. Depending on your recovery, you might be discharged on the same day of the surgery although a 1 day hospital stay is recommended. If you are likely to get pregnant in future, your surgeon would take extra caution so that breastfeeding is not hindered in future.

Complications of breast lift surgery are akin to those of reduction and augmentation mammoplasty and include hypertrophic scarring, seroma, infection and so on. Depending on the continued aging process and your skin elasticity, the sagging process might continue so that you might require a repeat surgery after some years.


   Cost of Breastlift in Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata

The total cost of the procedure depends on whether you would be needing an implant or not. Please make an appointment with Dr. Adhikari and get to know all the relevant issues regarding breastlift.


Q: What is breast lift surgery?

A: Breast lift surgery or mastopexy is a procedure in which the sagging breasts are pulled upward lifting the nipple to its normal position.

Q: Who are the candidates for breast lift surgery?

A: Breast lift surgery is indicated for patients with sagging breasts which might occur after massive weight loss, post-pregnancy and breast feeding. As women age the supporting ligaments of the breasts become lax, these individuals are also good candidates of breast lift surgery.

Q: Do I need a breast lift or augmentation or both?

A: If the nipple is only slightly displaced downward compared to its normal position and the breasts have lost volume then a simple augmentation with implants may be sufficient. However, if there is too much sagging and volume loss then a combined mastopexy with augmentation might be indicated.

Q: How are breast lifts done?

A: The basic problem in sagging breasts is an excess of skin combined with drooping of the nipple downward. Therefore, breast lift endeavors to remove this excess skin and also lift the nipple up. This might entail some degree of parenchymal modification so that the result is long lasting.

Q: What is the cost of breast lift surgery?

A: In India, the cost of breast lift surgery can vary from Rs 40000 – 2 lakh or even more depending on where the surgery is being conducted.

Q: Can massaging with oils and exercise lift up my sagging breasts?

A: Unfortunately, NO! Once sagging has been established it implies that the skin has lost its elasticity and ligamentous support and therefore requires external help in the form of a breast lift surgery to firm the breasts.

Q: If I require both a breast lift and augmentation would it be done in the same sitting?

A: This is a controversial issue. Some surgeons do it in a single setting while others are sceptical whether the implant might be exposed if both are performed at the same time and therefore perform it in 2 stages: implant insertion in the first stage followed by a mastopexy in the second stage performed after a few months.

Q: Will breast lift help with my stretch marks over my breasts?

A: In breast lift, quite a bit of skin from the breasts is removed. However, most of the stretch marks over the breasts are in the upper part which are unaffected by the surgery hence these would not be eradicated by the surgery.

Q: What is a “vampire breast lift”?

A: This is somewhat a misnomer. A vampire breast lift is actually a form of breast rejuvenation which is done by injecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) obtained from the patient’s own blood. This procedure does not provide a lift, is not permanent and there is no substantiated evidence that this actually works. Therefore, this is NOT recommended in patients with saggy breasts.