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                 Breast reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction , clinical parlance reduction mammoplasty, is the surgical procedure by which a breast can be reshaped, reduced and uplifted. Although breast reduction deals with reduction in the size of the breasts, it also achieves a degree of breast lift at the same time.

   Who Are the Best Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery?

1. Women with excessively large and dangling breasts.

2. Women with sagging breasts.

   Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

 Large breasts are often a social problem in women. Others might have symptoms emanating from breast enlargement like neck and back pain and injury to the shoulders which can result in bleeding and formation of a deep groove by a tight bra from the weight of the breasts. Additionally, women with large breasts are subjected to recurrent skin infections over the skin of the lower part of the breast as it tends to get macerated from the weight of the breasts. All these women are candidates for breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty in which the skin of the breasts, normal fat and glandular tissue are excised so as to give an aesthetic shape to the breasts. Please note that there is no age limit to breast reduction although patients who go in for this surgery during their teenage years might require a subsequent surgery later on if the breasts regrow back under the effects of the female hormones.


   Surgical Procedure

 A variety of techniques are employed for breast reduction but at cosmetic surgery Kolkata Dr. Adhikari prefers vertical scar techniques which provide the least amount of scarring. Additionally, liposuction is used for better breast definition. If you have huge breasts, then you might only be a candidate for breast amputation, where the nipple areolar complex is taken out and put in as a free graft. Breast feeding is not possible with this type of surgery.


This operation is performed under general anesthesia in which the patient is put to sleep during the procedure. Depending on your recovery, you might be discharged on the same day of the surgery although a 1 day stay is recommended and if drains are inserted they would be removed later during your first postoperative visit after a few days. If you are likely to get pregnant in future, your surgeon would take extra caution in placing the incisions so that breastfeeding is possible in future. If you go in for this surgery because of functional reasons then the cost might be covered by insurance, please talk to your insurance provider regarding this.


Possible complications of breast reduction surgery include loss of the nipple-areolar complex in case of huge breasts with decreased blood supply to the same, infection with resultant opening up of the wounds, fat necrosis, hypertrophic scarring, loss of sensation of the nipple, asymmetrical breasts and so on.


   Cost of Surgery in Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata

 Package system has been introduced for breast reduction surgery and the rates are the best in the city! Please consult Dr. Adhikari for further details on breast reduction surgery.

Pic1:Preoperative huge breast enlargement in a 12 yr old girl.

Pic2: Markings for breast amputation are made.

Pic3:Immediate postoperative picture.

Pic4: Resected specimens: 2.5 and 3 kg (total 5.5 kg).

breast reduction surgery (before)

                 Breast Recuction Surgery (Before)

breast reduction surgery (after)

                       Breast reduction Surgery (After)