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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to place implants inside breast to get better fullness or make it symmetrical. There are different approaches to get the surgery done. The most advanced one even does not leave a scar mark on breast after surgery. It is done with saline breast implants.


   Who are best candidates for the surgery?


  1. Women who naturally have smaller breasts.
  2. Restoration of the volume of the breast following a pregnancy and breast feeding or loss of volume due to sudden weight loss.
  3. To get better symmetry in shape and size.

   Why should one go in for breast augmentation?

Women with small breasts might have an altered body image and are a source of ridicule from their peers which makes them feel less feminine and are perfect candidates for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty or increase in the size of the breasts is commonly done with the help of an implant (filled with saline or silicone gel) which is put under the breast or under the muscle of the chest to portend an increase in its size.

Surgical Procedure

A lot of factors help in deciding whether the implant needs to be placed under the breasts or under the muscle or in both planes. A variety of incisions are used in putting this implant, please discuss with your surgeon about which would suit you best. Apart from implants, increase in breast size can also be achieved with injections of fat harvested elsewhere from your body in multiple sittings and this form of surgery is usually advocated in patients who desire only a moderate improvement in the size of the breasts. However, owing to the variable absorption of fat, the results can be unpredictable and therefore requires multiple sessions to achieve a good result.

General anesthesia is used during this surgery which means that you would be put to sleep during the procedure. Depending on your recovery, you might be discharged on the same day of the surgery although a 1 day stay in the hospital is recommended. If you are likely to get pregnant in future, your surgeon would take extra caution so that breastfeeding is not hampered.

Complications of surgery include infection with resultant need to remove the implants, hypertrophic scarring over the incision line or can be related to the implant like implant rupture, extrusion and capsular contracture of the breasts which make the breasts appear contracted and make them painful.

At Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata, silicone gel implants are mostly used for breast augmentation. You can be assured that a potential boost in confidence awaits you following the procedure!


Breast Augmentation/Breast Enlargement: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do breast implants feel any different than normal breasts?

A: It depends on the type of implant you are getting: saline or silicone gel. Saline implants can feel a bit stiffer while silicone gel implants feel much softer and natural. Again, the placement of the implant matters with an implant placed under the muscle feeling more natural.

Q: What is the average cost of breast augmentation surgery with implants?

A: Varies widely across different continents. In India the price would range between Rs 80000 – 2 lakh depending on the type of implant and the place where the surgery is performed with corporate hospitals being more expensive.

Q: What is the best method of breast augmentation (enlargement)?

A: The best method of breast augmentation surgery would be with implants. This method produces immediate and awesome results and has a tremendous boost on the psychological wellbeing of the patient. Other techniques are unpredictable and inferior when it comes to assessment of final results.

Q: What should I consider before getting a breast enlargement?

A: If you feel that your breasts are small compared to your colleagues then you can opt for breast augmentation surgery. However, you yourself should be the sole decision maker in this case, other people should not decide this for you. It is important to have a sound knowledge about the pros and cons of the surgery before embarking on this procedure. It is a very common surgery and boosts a person psychologically.

Q: Which is the age range when one can have a breast implant?

A: FDA recommends that saline implants can be implanted when a person reaches 18 years of age while silicone gel implants are recommended once a woman reaches 22. After that, women of any age can have a breast implant as per their needs although additional procedures like a breastlift might be required to achieve superior results.

Q: Would you regret getting breast implants?

A: Usually breast implants are a good investment for a woman and patients never regret getting the same. However, some patients might feel otherwise especially if the surgery was done under some external pressure although in all patients it gives a tremendous psychological boost.

Q: Is there any other method of enlarging breasts apart from implants?

A: Fat injections can also result in breast augmentation. However, the procedure is unpredictable as much of the fat may be absorbed by the body requiring multiple sessions of injections. The denatured fat may also show up on mammography requiring an experienced radiologist to exclude any abnormal interpretation associated with these findings.

Q: What are the risks of breast implant surgery?

A: Infection and extrusion is the major concern in the immediate postoperative period although it is fortunately extremely rare. Capsular contracture, implant deflation, unnatural feel, tightness, not the result desired requiring reoperation, visible deformities and many other associated problems can happen, therefore it is extremely important that a patient is well informed about the same prior to being subjected for surgery.

Q: What are the pros and cons of breast implants?

A: Pros include larger breasts therefore attracting more attention from males and a psychological boost of the patient. Cons include all the risks associated with the procedure as highlighted above.

Q: Can I get cancer after a breast implant surgery?

A: A few cases of Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) has been observed in breast implant patients. This quite rare finding has been more with women who have been administered textured rather than smooth implants. Studies are on to find out whether the breast implants themselves are responsible for this rare cancer. In any event, it is important to have regular check-ups so that any unnatural late peri-implant seroma may be diagnosed and managed aggressively.

Q: Would I be able to breastfeed after breast implant surgery?

A: Inframammary incisions do not disturb the breast ducts and therefore do not interfere with breast feeding. Periareolar incisions can result in transection of breast ducts making breast feeding unpredictable.

Q: Would I be requiring another surgery later if I am getting a breast implant done now?

A: Additional surgeries may be required in cases of complications like extrusion, capsular contracture, implant deflation and so on. Breast sagging may develop in the later years requiring a mastopexy in order to provide good results.

Q: I had one breast removed for breast cancer. Can I get a breast implant?

A: Yes, you can although a muscle coverage would be required in addition to the breast implants for best results.

Q: Will breast implants stay for lifetime?

A: Breast implants can stay on for a period of 10-25 years or even more. With advances in technology, the newer silicone gel implants can last for much longer period than previously. Usually they do not last for lifetime.

Q: What is the chance of infection in breast implants?

A: Infection in breast implants can be quite rare and is usually less than 3%. This is quite surprising because the breasts are not sterile!

Q: What could be done if my implant gets infected?

A: Initially, systemic antibiotics and regular dressing with antibiotics may result in resolution of infection although there is a higher chance of capsular contracture developing in later days. Removal of implant is curative in which case another surgery may be undertaken after a rest period of around 6 months with a new implant.

Q: Will I look abnormal with breast implants?

A: If done perfectly by your surgeon, you would never look abnormal. Breast implants would increase your body image perception and attractiveness rather than looking abnormal.