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  Dr. Souvik Adhikari

      MBBS, MS, MCh 
  Consultant Aesthetic,    Plastic & Reconstructive  Surgeon

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         Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) & Body Contouring Surgery 

Patients with circumferential fat coupled with skin excess and no or minimal skin elasticity cannot be served by liposuction alone, so also are post bariatric surgery patients where skin elasticity has been lost because of excessive stretching of the skin. These patients need a surgical procedure to remove this skin and fat excess which might be combined with liposuction in selected cases (lipoabdominoplasty) to provide a pleasing body contour as this process also addresses the ptotic abdominal muscles to make them more firm and youthful. Stretch marks can also be managed by this surgical procedure. Depending on the fat and skin excess the incisions can be of many types and this should be discussed with your surgeon beforehand.

This operation is carried out under general anesthesia which means that you would sleep through the procedure. You would need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days following surgery as the drains are sequentially removed and the wound heals. Complications associated with this procedure include formation of bruises and seromas, infection, wound disruption, thrombosis for high risk patients as well as scarring and contour alterations amongst others.

Abdominoplasty (Before)

                       Abdominoplast (Before)

                           Abdominoplast (After)