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  Dr. Souvik Adhikari

      MBBS, MS, MCh 
  Consultant Aesthetic,    Plastic & Reconstructive  Surgeon

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 Cosmetic  & Plastic Surgical Spectrum

 Dr. Adhikari is adequately trained in all aspects of aesthetic surgery which includes liposuction, abdominoplasty, cosmetic breast surgeries (breast augmentation, breast reduction, breastlift), male breast surgery for gynecomastia, facelift, browlift, hair transplantation, male and female aesthetic surgeries (penile enlargement, hymenoplasty, labiaplasty) and so on. Vitiligo surgery, botox and fat grafting are other procedures commonly performed by him. Dr. Adhikari is one of the few plastic surgeons in Kolkata who has had training overseas in Johns Hopkins University, USA. To increase his surgical knowledge he has a habit of regularly visiting overseas centers so as to continually update him on the latest techniques in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Moreover, it is absolutely certain that you would be guided through everything you need with him by contacting the service cosmetic surgery kolkata 

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Kolkata

Dr. Souvik Adhikari, MS MCh is a qualified plastic surgeon who practices in Kolkata under the name of Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata.

Dr. Adhikari boasts of an immense academic record right from his school days and has been bestowed with multiple scholarships as well as fellowships throughout his career. He continues to pursue fellowships so as to regularly update himself on the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Adhikari has been drawn into the field of plastic surgery simply because of his interest in aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery which endows the surgeon “to create”. It is therefore a sense on achievement on part of the surgeon to create something that others would appreciate. Apart from that, he has keen interest in restoring lost parts and function therefore he is also interested in the whole gamut of reconstructive surgeries which includes complex microvascular surgeries. 

 In his student life Dr. Adhikari cherished a dream to offer his knowledge and skills to people from all levels of society at a very reasonable cost and that day has finally arrived and has taken form in the name of Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata which already has created a huge demand among the people of Kolkata and overseas.      


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Should cosmetic surgery be reserved for the select few? Dr. Adhikari would say “no” when answering this question. People have imperfections and it is the right of everyone to look good. Therefore, people would find his services much more affordable compared to other plastic surgeons in the city and he has also launched special financing schemes which make it easy for everyone to go in for any type of cosmetic surgery under his care. Therefore, call him up and fix an appointment: your life would be changed for the better!  

Today the service Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata is becoming a center of excellence for its skill, application of advanced surgical procedures for most affordable cost.




  Contact Dr. Adhikari via phone (+919830250340) or email ( to discuss your aesthetic queries. Get details of what the aesthetic procedure entails, the expected results as well as the cost of treatment. You can be assured that maximum time would be spent to address all of your concerns.